Top 5 Small and Simple Elephant Tattoos

realistic tiny elephant tattoo

Tattoos have been around for ages and have evolved over time. Tribes have used tattoos for ceremonies and sometimes they have also been used as a means for identification. People get tattoos for various reasons – artistic freedom, self-expression, or a personal narrative.

A person picks a design and chooses a place on their body for it. It is another way of modifying your body and a personal choice. Getting a tattoo is a complex process and a lot of thought goes into it. The design, location, pigments, all have to be pre-decided and it takes time.

Animal designs are one of the most popular for tattoos as they make powerful symbols. Lions, wolves, eagles, can represent power and strength, making them great choices to embed on skin. Elephants have powerful symbolism and are one of the most recognizable animals. They’re one of the most common tattoos that are designed in a variety of forms.

There are various types of tattoos – line art is simple and still signifies a lot. One-line elephant tattoos can hold meaning, just like a full-scale, lifelike design. Here are some minimal elephant tattoo designs that do help you express and also include a personal narrative.

1. Tiny & Detailed

Small and detailed elephant tattoo line design
Source: Unkown artist

Elephants are large animals and one of the largest on earth, but they can be a great inspiration for miniature designs. The appearance of the animal is recognizable even if it is small. And small doesn’t mean insignificant here. It can be striking if done right.

Make it a versatile choice and put it on the shoulder, wrist, ribs, or back. While being small, the tattoo will still get attention if it’s visible. The tattoo artist you choose is crucial too because it is a tiny design and getting the design, with the sketch and shading right is essential.

2. Abstract

abstract silhouette elephant tattoo
abstract silhouette elephant tattoo design

Abstract designs are more popular in the tattoo world than straightforward still-life patterns. And it just adds to the mystery, having a striking look. You can play around with colors and shades, making the design unique. You could ask for the tattoo artist’s version or create your own – a design that you will understand and love.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just something you want. And with abstract, it doesn’t have to be anatomically correct either. So, what you get is a personalized, meaningful tattoo.

3. One Line

small one line elephant tattoo outline
One Line Elephant Tattoo- Designed by NoonLineArt.

One-Line elephant tattoos are simple and quite attractive. It appeals to the minimalists who still want something meaningful and not too “in your face”. The one-line tattoo usually has an outline, like a sketch in a continuous stroke with a modern look.

Because there is no shading needed, it is very quick to get. These tattoos look fantastic and suit any type of placement. You can get in on your finger, wrist, arm, back – the options are endless.

4. Tribal Style

Tribal elephant tattoo outline with a red ruby on head
Tribal Elephant Tattoo designed by Dona Wayan

A tribal-style design makes the tattoo look enigmatic and complex. Only you may be able to understand the meaning of the design or it may make you look quite badass! This art style uses curved lines and black ink to create powerful images.

It provides quite an unconventional look and involves more than a bit of detailing. The tattoo artist needs to be skilled to deliver on a complex design. Also, you need to have patience for multiple sessions because it will be a small tattoo, the detailing has to be accurate.

5. Geometric Design

geometric elephant tattoo with stipple dot shading
Geometric Elephant Tattoo by Unkown Artist

Geometric elements in a tattoo create a singular look. An elephant tattoo can be created with geometric shapes and if it has colored shading, then it adds more dimensions to it. Assorted geometric shapes can be used to create the image of an elephant. The shapes and lines add a futuristic style, with a unique and fresh twist. Check out our small dog tattoo here.

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