Welcome to Noon Line Art! Your source of beautiful and minimalist line tattoo designs!

Hi, I’m David Cantu. I’m an artist and entrepreneur from Houston, Texas. Ever since I was young, I have had a passion for design. In 2017, I started my blog covering artwork, architecture, product design, and many more creative pursuits.

Later on, I’ve developed that drive to start creating my own design in the form of wall art. The blog I mentioned earlier became what is now known as Infinite Noon and I’m proud to say that it has become a successful shop on its own. My artwork has gained lots of attention through Pinterest for my minimalist, figurative one-line drawings in the home and commercial decor space.

My figurative one line illustrations have surprisingly sparked a wonderful impression with the tattoo community as well. Since then, I’ve been working on creating abstract figurative line tattoos along with my wall art.

This welcome development encouraged me to open up Noon Line Art, where I took the opportunity to share my art and make it accessible to the tattoo community. With Noon Line Art, you can see a multitude of body figures and anatomy tattoo designs ready to be downloaded.

The beauty of this shop is that with a few clicks of a button, anyone can immediately download the tattoo design in high-resolution. Reputable tattoo artists ask their customers if they have permission to use the design. Designs downloaded from Noon Line Art includes a permission form from me, the artist.

The illustrations you see in Noon Line Art are all designed and created by me.  Therefore, with every artwork you purchase, you can rest assured that it bears a little piece of my creativity and thus it’s something unique and one-of-a-kind. I invite you to check out my gallery and see if you can find the ultimate design for your tattoo.

Thank you,

David Cantu

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