Awesome Small Dog Tattoos You’ll Absolutely Love

minimal realistic dog tattoo

There are many ways to remember your pets, like creating a piece of wall art or adding a little paw to your charm bracelet. Though, if you like to honor them the best, getting a tattoo is the most common. So we like to share a few ideas on some minimal dog tattoos designs you’d be interested in.

cute small dog tattoos on arm
by greens_tattoo via Instagram

If you have multiple pets you like to honor, why not tattoo cute little portraits on your arm like this. Not only that, going for a realistic style sure does create a more life-like effect. Also, getting emotion out of your pet like the bottom tattoo of the Golden retriever with its tongue out can add extra character to the design.

duo dog tattoo on arm
by tattooist_sazin via Instagram
minimal detail dog with border tattoo
by tattooist_sazin via Instagram
head portrait dog tattoo
by w_inkstudio via Instagram

If detailed tattoos are more of your ideal design but don’t want a big tattoo. You can always go the traditional route and go for a small head portrait of your dog. Take a look at the incredibly detailed of this cute pet.

realistic dog portrait tattoos on arm
by no_sleep_tattoo via Instagram
simple outline of dog tattoo looking up
by via Instagram

Looking for something more simple. Maybe this is your first tattoo and don’t want to go overboard. Then check out this simple outline of this cute dog tattoo. Adding their favorite toy can also be a great idea for extra elements in the design.

minimal realistic dog tattoo
by via Instagram

Going by the same artist from the tattoo above, this time the design is detailed but still small. So if you like a more realistic approach, this is one way to go.

small dog tattoo with jacket
by kimta_tattoo via Instagram

Add a little more character to your dog tattoo by adding elements to the portrait. For example, implementing cute clothing to your pet tattoo can be more appealing as a portrait.

two dog portrait tattoos
by via Instagram
detail dog tattoo on arm
by tattooist_sazin via Instagram

Sometimes trying a way to frame a tattoo might be difficult, so you can always go the simple route like the example above. Implementing a minimal border at the bottom of the dog can be a great way to shorten the tattoo without adding the full body.

These are just a few examples you can use to find inspiration for your pet tattoo. There are many ways to honor your pets but tattoos can be a bit more personal since they will always be with you. Helpfully this post can help you with your tattoo journey. Check out our elephant tattoos on our next post. Thank you for stopping by!

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